You Want Large Antlers? A Regional Debate | The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak (2021 season) | Mossy Oak Gamekeeper
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You Want Large Antlers? A Regional Debate | The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak (2021 season)

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper

The GameKeeper of Mossy Oak | You Want Large Antlers? A Regional Debate

Premiering Tuesday 11/9/21 at 9 P.M. on the Outdoor Channel

Air Time (ET): Tuesday @ 9 PM | Thursday @ 11 AM | Sunday @ 3 PM

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On this episode we welcome Dr. Bronson Strickland, with the MSU Deer Lab and Professor of Wildlife Management at Mississippi State University, and talk about regional expectations and managing those expectations on whitetail deer antlers.

  • Expectations on whitetail antlers

    • Regional differences in antler growth
    • Regional food availability
    • How agricultural planting affects antlers
    • Do genetics play a roll
    • Can you manage for recorder breaking bucks


  • What management techniques to help increase antler size

    • Buck age structure
    • Whitetail nutrition and the importance of food plots
    • Deer density


  • How to plant soybeans with Austin Delano

    • Nutritional benefits of soybeans
    • Maximizing soybean germination
    • When and how to plant soybeans


  • Success In the Field

    Mossy Oak’s Dustin Whitacre heads to Kentucky for an early season hunt. Set up on the edge of a soybean field, Dustin connects on an awesome velvet buck.


For more on from Dr. Bronson Strickland listen episode 18 on the GameKeeper Podcast: Understanding the Whitetail Rut with Dr. Bronson Strickland

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