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EP:18 | Understanding The Whitetail Rut with Dr. Bronson Strickland

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper

On episode 18 of The Gamekeeper Podcast, we welcome back Dr. Bronson Strickland with the Mississippi State Deer Lab, and discuss the whitetail rut.  As always, we learn something new from Bronson as he shares his extensive knowledge and breaks down the stages of this highly anticipated annual event. We also share stories of recent father guided hunts, including:  little Dudley’s first deer, Bobby’s daughter’s first bow kill, and how Lannie taught his youngest a tip on keeping his hands warm while in the deer stand. A phone call to Nathan Douglas explores a mysterious tip on a big buck he was rumored to have recently harvested, leaves us shaking our heads. Dudley answers a question from a concerned listener about why his “magazine cover” food plot isn’t being eaten, but the one that wasn’t limed is being hammered.

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December 07, 2020

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