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Holding Wild Turkeys: The Missing Link

Holding Wild Turkeys

Some gamekeepers have roost trees, water source, mast crop, food plots and bugging areas all going for them, yet wonder why they property is not holding wild turkeys, but their neighbors is. The answer is probably “grit!”

A Key Element For managing Wild Turkeys

Grit is one of the most over-looked elements of a sound turkey management plan. Think about what your neighbor has that you don’t. Maybe it’s a river or creek bed, a washout with course sand or gravel exposed, or simply a gravel roadway. Turkeys need grit to aid in their digestion by grinding up tough seeds and nuts in their gizzards. Most of the time all it takes is a small truckload of gravel distributed at several strategic places throughout your property, but don’t expect to hold wild turkeys in the area without it.

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