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Feeding Food Plots: Water Soluble? Drought Solvable

Feeding Food Plots

Rainfall has been hit or miss for a lot of food plotters this fall. If you have some plots that are struggling because of lack of rainfall, behind from a late planting, or you just have plots that are not thriving, check out M.E.E.N Green water soluble fertilizer. Feeding food plots through the foliage can give an instant boost in growth and health of the plant. BioLogic’s M.E.E.N Green is a 15-40-5 analysis and has a full complement of micro nutrients. Micro nutrients are generally used in lesser quantities than the macro nutrients (N-P-K), but are just as important for plant development and to establish a healthy, thriving plot. Many of the micro nutrients function as activators and are very rarely added back to your soil in a typical N-P-K application. This easy to apply fertilizer can also be used to sweeten up an area right around a bow stand for that up close shot. M.E.E.N Green can be applied through backpack sprayers or atv equipment, and is ideal for those hard to reach plots that the big boys like to visit.

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