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Dove Hunting Safety

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Dove Hunting Safety

There is nothing like the opening day of dove season, its the kick off to the hunting season and great table fare and social event.  With dove season just around the corner it’s not a bad idea to keep these 10 dove hunting safety tips on your mind.  These tips can help you not only reach your bag limit but also keep your fellow hunters and friends safe.

  1. Don’t race to the field and hog the best spots. Make sure the older shooters have access to shade first. If the birds are flying hopefully everyone will get some shooing. If not, make sure to rotate spots.
  2. Try to camouflage your spot the best you can to keep from flaring birds that are entering the field. Take care to hide vehicles.
  3. Do NOT shoot low birds – help to warn other and holler “low bird” to the other shooters.
  4. Space yourself safely away from the next hunter.
  5. Make sure you don’t kill birds that fall into areas where they can’t be retrieved.
  6. Pick up your empty shells and trash.
  7. Obey the game laws.
  8. If you kill your limit move out so someone who hasn’t had as much shooting can have some action.
  9. Alert the hunters next to you as birds approach, and ask them to do the same for you.
  10. Don’t “burn out” the field. Always try to stop early so the remaining birds can feed.
Photo: David McElwain


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