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3 Reasons You Should Manage Your Deer Herd

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Most of us hunt in areas where the deer density is fairly high and there is no shortage of does to harvest on any given hunt. More people are getting on board with the quality deer philosophy and trying to do their part in managing herd numbers.

  1. Keeping the population down to a manageable density and balancing the buck to doe ratio is key in creating a more intense rut and increased competition for does. Keeping deer numbers down to manageable levels is also beneficial to your native browse and food plots.
  2. A decreased number of mouths feeding on a property ensures the deer that do live there receive a higher percentage of the more desirable and higher nutritional plants and crops that are planted for them. Be certain of your target when doing your trigger finger management this season. Many button bucks and yearling spikes are killed every year by being mistaken for does. Although mistakes are going to happen, take the time to use your binoculars and scope to really check the deer carefully before taking the shot. Every immature buck killed by mistaken identity is a step backwards in managing a herd for its highest potential.
  3. Controlling expanding deer numbers in areas that need it is a great way to get kids, women, or a first time hunter involved in the sport. Do your part this year and make a point to take a under privileged kid or someone from a non-hunting family to the woods and show them why we are GameKeepers.
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