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The Irresistible Chestnut

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Scrape activity is starting to pick up in the North and Midwest and can be a great place to get trail cam pictures and inventory your deer herd.  Drought conditions in much of the south has led to poor early fall food plots and deer are relying on acorns right now for much of their food. Another great way to get trail camera pictures during the fall and winter is using an attractant with a high carbohydrate and protein content.  Chestnut Magic is a great new attractant that is not only attractive to whitetails but also very nutritious. Unlike imitators, Chestnut Magic is an all natural blend of whole and ground chestnuts along with heat stabilized rice bran to create a weather resistant attractant that whitetails absolutely love. With 4 times the amount of carbohydrates and over twice the protein of white oak acorns, chestnuts are a great food source and the deer never fail to find them. We sometimes forget that at one time chestnut trees made up the majority of the American forests and the nuts covered by the unmistakable spiny hulls were likely whitetails most consistent and preferred food source before the blight killed most all chestnut trees. Whitetails seem to be programmed to find chestnuts as it was such an important resource to them decades ago. With no artificial products, colors, or preservatives, Chestnut Magic is an attractant your deer will love and you know what is in the bag.


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