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The Principles and Ethics of a GameKeeper

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Ethics of a GameKeeper


The Principles and Ethics of a GameKeeper

If ever I have taken the simple freedoms surrounding a turkey hunt for granted, I never would again, not after a weekend in the Georgia spring woods. It was a late February evening and my thoughts were, as expected, on the spring turkey season that was at the time a mere two weeks away. As I slipped off into a daydream of a past hunt, I was jolted back to reality with the buzzing of my cell phone. I looked down at the caller ID and saw that it was close friend Brian Proctor, whose photos grace the pages of “Wild Turkey Report.”  “Got me any strutting pics yet?” I asked Brian upon answering.  “Not yet man, I’ll be going out this weekend and will get you some,” replied Brian. Then his tone changed, and I knew he had a request for me.

“I was talking with Walter Hatchett, (of Southlands Plantation in Bainbridge, Georgia) and we’re having our annual Red Hills Wounded Warrior Hunt in mid-April.  We’d love for you to come down and help us out if you’d be available.”

Without hesitation or thought, I released an enthusiastic “of course,” not really considering any predetermined scheduling conflicts or the like.  Giving my talents and time for only one weekend would certainly not be too much to ask, given the fact these heroes gave of themselves for the country that provides the freedoms we enjoy every day.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to help assist injured veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in their adjustment back to civilian life via recreational programs and other activities.

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