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How to Plant a Tree- Site Selection

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper
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Gamekeeper- How to Plant a Tree- Site Selection Location Location Location! Planting a tree is exciting. Whether your goals are to shoot a big buck or create better habitat on your property, planting a tree takes a little planning. The first part of this planning process begins with Site Selection. The site location will dictate what species you should plant. The old saying don’t put the cart before the horse proves true with trees as well. Make sure you have your site selected then pick out your species. A few things to look for when deciding on site selection are space, preferably south facing sun, and not much competition. Drainages are great areas to plant trees. They will ensure your trees get their drinking water and have fertile soil. Hill tops are good sites as well. They are well drained and provide soil types that upland species prefer. Once you have scouted out your site the fun begins. Now it’s time to pick your species. Visit Nativ Nurseries

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