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How many bass types are there?

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper
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How many bass types are there?
So there are three strains of largemouth bass that are stocked throughout the southeast. There’s the northern strain which tends to be more aggressive. They don’t grow as large but that aggressive nature really helps catch rates and so a lot of people stock them for that reason. The Florida bass is more aligned with trophy size fish because they grow the biggest. The big negative on Florida bass is when they get larger they get harder to catch on artificial baits. That decline in catch rate has really led to people trying to figure out a way to grow big bass and still keep it aggressive. That’s where the F1 came about, and the F1 is a cross between a northern strain and a Florida a strain bass and so that F1 tends to be a little more aggressive than the parents. It gets its aggressive nature from the northern obviously, it also shows hybrid vigor, which means it grows a little faster during the first couple years than both parents, so that benefit really helps, especially if you’re trying to grow trophy bass.

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