EP:67 | Decoy Strategies: What Are Ducks Looking For? | Mossy Oak Gamekeeper
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EP:67 | Decoy Strategies: What Are Ducks Looking For?

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper
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This week we change gears to waterfowl, and talk about decoys and decoy placement with Phil Kahnke (noted waterfowl photographer and content creator for Banded). We’re also joined by Mossy Oak’s Bill Sugg, who has been rethinking his decoy spreads since he first started duck hunting. What are ducks looking for? Why do they…? How can I…? Do I need…? There are a lot of questions answered and some knowledge that you can apply to your next setup. If you crave the site of ducks finishing over the decoys, this one is for you. Listen, learn and enjoy!

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