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EP:153 | The Story of Avery Island, Tabasco and Wildlife Conservation

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper
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This week Dr. Shane Bernard tells us the history of Avery Island in Louisiana, including fascinating stories about the conservation efforts of E. A. “Ned” McIlhenny (1872-1949), the son of TABASCO® Sauce inventor E. McIlhenny. As the story goes, this man single handedly saved the imperiled Snowy Egret by creating protected sanctuary on the island that by 1911, had a thriving population over 100,000 birds. E. A. also banded over 300,000 birds and waterfowl to learn their migration habits, along with authoring a book with Charles Jordan about wild turkeys. The 2200 acre island also is home to a subspecies of whitetail deer thought to only live on the island. Shane, an accomplished author himself, is the historian and curator for the McIlhenny family and the TABASCO brand, who shares some great stories with us. You’ll be surprised. Listen, Learn, Enjoy!

Show Notes:
Photo Credit: Bird City Platform Courtesy of Pam Mcilhenny
Avery Island Home of TABASCO®: https://www.tabasco.com/visit-avery-island/

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