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EP:109 | Whitetail Forage with Dr. Bronson Strickland

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper
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This week our hometown hero and brilliant biologist, Dr. Bronson Strickland, joins us once again where we discuss forage plantings for our favorite cervid, the white-tailed deer. We ask a lot of questions including what we need to be planting, vs. what we want to plant. Bronson also brought a list of trivia-style deer related questions to ask us, which was loads of fun. One question about how many calories a lactating doe needs per day really shocked us! At the end we have a hair-raising discussion with an avid hunter and shed-hunter, named Laurian, who was recently stalked and attacked by a mountain lion for over a half mile out in Utah. It’s an amazing story. You don’t want to miss this one. Listen, Learn, and Enjoy!

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