EP:61 | Catch-A-Dream with Dr. Marty Brunson | Mossy Oak Gamekeeper
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EP:61 | Catch-A-Dream with Dr. Marty Brunson

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper

Join us this week for a very special episode as we shift the focus and shine the spotlight on a very deserving organization. Dr. Marty Brunson, of Catch-a-Dream Foundation, sits in the guest chair and tells some uplifting and inspirational stories as only he can. For over twenty years, Catch-A-Dream has quietly taken over 750 terminally ill children hunting and fishing. You’ll learn what ‘DBG’ (Divine Bullet Guidance) is, and how when the right people are doing the right the things for the right reasons it creates a powerful force.  These stories are emotional, and you’ll tell your friends and family about this one. Listen and be inspired. Enjoy! Support Catch-A-Dream – https://www.catchadream.org/

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October 19, 2021

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