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EP:235 | The Black Bears of Mississippi

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper


This week we welcome Anthony Ballard the MDWFP Bear Coordinator and Dr. Dana Morin a carnivore expert from Mississippi State University to talk about the black bears of Mississippi. The Magnolia State has a long, historic tradition with black bears, dating back to when the Delta region was still massive old growth timber and full of bears! Then of course there is the infamous Theodore Roosevelt hunt that led to the creation of the Teddy Bear. We’ll look to the past, discuss the present and then look to the future in our conversation. It ends up being an interesting look at an often maligned animal that’s making a comeback against the odds and a chance to hear from the people that are dedicated to see it be successful. Would you climb 25 feet up a tree to look in a den and check on cubs knowing the momma bear was there also? That’s the dedication of a biologist that cares. Listen, Learn and Enjoy.

Show Notes:
MDWFP Black Bear Program: https://www.mdwfp.com/wildlife-hunting/black-bear-program/
MSU Carnivore and Population Ecology Lab: https://www.carnivore.fwrc.msstate.edu/people.php

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June 04, 2024

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