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EP:230 | Bonus: An Ounce of Prevention

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper


On the latest BONUS podcast, we address the often overlooked step of cleaning your firearms after the season. Longtime gunsmith Ed Sanders teaches us all a thing or two. Do you purposely dry fire your rifle to release the spring pressure? Do you apply a coating of oil in your barrel after the season to prevent pitting? What about the newer guns with applied camo finishes? How do you maintain them? Pat Epling of Mossy Oak joins us to explain all that. Lastly Dr. Ned Miller takes a few minutes to help us understand the sleep debt we all incur during turkey season and how to recognize the signs of its time to stop and get some sleep. Wake up and smell the coffee guys, let’s take care of our guns and ourselves. This one needs to be shared with the younger hunters to help them develop good habits.  Listen, Learn and Enjoy.

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Show Notes:
Ed Sanders Gunsmith: https://edsandersgunsmith.com/

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May 17, 2024

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