EP:115 | Gamekeeping with Gerald Swindle | Mossy Oak Gamekeeper
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EP:115 | Gamekeeping with Gerald Swindle

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper


This week we have a lot of fun with our guest Gerald Swindle. He’s a well celebrated professional bass fisherman, but is also a rabid Gamekeeper who intensively manages properties in multiple states. We discussed improving the hunting, habitat and value of his properties in between his funny comments. You just have to hear his story about qualifying for The Bassmaster Classic with an upset stomach. If you don’t laugh, something is wrong with you. Juxtaposed against his funny stories, Gerald also may have made the most poignant comment said so far on the Gamekeepers podcast. It had to do with wearing camo and it really hit home. Listen, Learn and Enjoy!

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October 18, 2022

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