State of The Wild Turkey: The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak Ep. 3 (2021 Season) | Mossy Oak Gamekeeper
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State of The Wild Turkey: The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak Ep. 3 (2021 Season)

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper
state of the wild turkey

The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak Episode 3 | The State Of The Wild Turkey

Premiering Tuesday 7/13/2021 at 8/9 P.M. ET on the Outdoor Channel

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On this episode of the GameKeeper of Mossy Oak we welcome back Dr. Michael Chamberlain (@wildturkeydoc) and talk turkeys. More specifically we’re going to talk about the state of the wild turkey, what the data says and what can be done to help.

  • State of the wild turkey
    Dr. Chamberlain discusses the data he has collected, methods he uses to collect the data and explains his view on the state of the wild turkey.

    • The declining and rising of wild turkey populations in specific regions of the US
    • Better understanding the declining poult populations is some regions
    • What we can do differently to create/change a different outcome for the wild turkey?
    • His techniques on trapping wild turkeys
    • What he collects for the turkeys and why
  • Applying what we’ve learned
    Austin Delano explains what can be done to improve the habitat and create better diversity for the wild turkey to raise their young and flourish.

    • Creating brood habitat

YouTube video

    • Using herbicides to maintain the habitat

YouTube video

    • Food plot partitioning that creates food and cover for turkeys and deer.

YouTube video

  • Success in the field
    Watch a successful spring turkey hunt with Barry Bales on his family land in Tennessee.
  • What did we learn
    • How GPS is being used in turkey research and what data is being collected?
      • Roost locations
      • When the star laying
      • How close they get to nest when laying
      • How they interact with hunters and each other
      • How far they move in a day

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