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Dominant Eye Test : Determining Your Dominant Eye

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Dominant Eye Test


As Gamekeepers, we owe it to the animals we hunt to be a good marksman and make ethical shots. A dominate eye test for new shooters or those that have trouble looking at open sights or scopes, is the first step in becoming a better shot.

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Dominant Eye Test

  1. Fix your eyes on a specific target in front of you.
  2. Extend your arms and create a circle with both hands so you are looking at the target in the circle.
  3. Start enclosing the circle with your hands until you only have a small hole looking at the target.
  4. Now close your left eye and if you’re still looking at the target you are right eye dominant. If you don’t see it, you know your left eye is your dominant eye.

Keep in mind that in most cases your dominant eye and dominant hand are on the same side (right handed = right eye dominance). Although if you’re having trouble hitting your target you could be cross dominance, meaning your dominant hand and eye are on opposite sides. This short video is a great tip on finding your dominant eye to improve accuracy.

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