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Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets

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biologic winter bulbs & sugar beets

Bulbs & Sugar Beets

Missouri resident Kevin Howard writes in and says “Look at my Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets! I’ve got root bulbs as big as soccer balls! With the cold temperatures now the deer are eating the green tops more every day.” Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets is a blend of brassicas and sugar beets that works extremely well for attraction during the hunting season. Whitetails will also eat the large root bulbs after they’ve finished the green tops. They may kick them out of the soil, or when the root bulbs are this big they tend to hollow them out and eat them like a “bowl of candy.”

Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets is a perfect complement to the brassicas in Maximum. Different varieties have different maturity rates and become palatable at different times. By using both you have an appealing food choice accessible for a longer timeframe. In addition to whitetails relishing the green tops, they will also devour the root bulbs on the brassicas that produce one (not all brassicas produce a “turnip-like” root bulb). So by planting both of these blends you can assure thrilling action for a very long period after cold temperatures have converted the plants’ high levels of starch to sugar.

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