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Using a Plot Protector To Control Access to Fall Food Plots

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Biologic Plot Protector Kit

When it comes to bow hunting, a few feet can be the difference in getting a shot or going home disappointed. We’ve all spent countless hours preparing a stand and planting food plots only to have that mature buck or doe walk just out of our effective bow range. Most everyone is familiar with using the P2 Plot Protector Kit to keep deer out of your summertime plots until they have enough growth, but it can also be very effective for fall plots. After planting your fall food plots, put up a P2 kit around a quarter to a half acre of cool season food plot right around your stand. Then, just a few days before you are ready to start hunting that stand, pull it down. This will create an area of high attraction and invite deer in for a nice 20 yard chip shot.

P2 Plot Protector Kits can work great for protecting fall food plots until you are ready to let the herd in. If you have trouble getting enough growth out of your plots due to overbrowsing, try a P2 Kit. A plot that is protected for 45-60 days can put on an impressive amount of growth that will feed your deer well into the winter.

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