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Top 3 Plant Types for Attracting Whitetails

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Many of the most attractive plantings for whitetails end up also being some of the most nutritious too. Timing and placement dictate when and how they will be used from north to south. While there are dozens of crops that can be attractive to whitetails, here are the top three plant types that will attract whitetails at different times throughout the season.

Perennials such as red and white clovers, chicory and alfalfa are known for providing nutrition for much of the year, and they do. However, they are also excellent attraction for the first part of the hunting season. Just before the rut your herd will be putting on the feedbag and a plot of Clover Plus or NEW Non-Typical will be where they’re found. Make sure to manage your perennials – a mowed and fertilized perennial plot is much more attractive than one that has not been.

2.Cereal Grains
Cereal grains like oats, wheat and triticale are high in carbohydrates and provide energy going into the rut. While cereal grains can be short-lived compared to other crops, they are VERY attractive during their first stages of growth. Blends like Trophy Oats and Outfitter’s Blend provide a “mid-season magnet” for your herd.

Brassicas may be the best deer food God has ever created. These plants average 36% crude protein, over 80% total digestible nutrients and yield more than any other whitetail planting. Brassicas like radishes, rape, canola and turnips contain very high levels of starch, which cold temperatures turn to sugar! So besides being the absolute best in nutrition, blends like Deer Radish, Maximum and Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets also end up being the best in late season attraction.


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