The Importance of Spring / Summer Food Plots: The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak Ep. 2 (2021 Season) | Mossy Oak Gamekeeper
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The Importance of Spring / Summer Food Plots: The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak Ep. 2 (2021 Season)

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper
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The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak Episode 2 | The Importance of Spring / Summer Food Plots

Premiering Tuesday 7/6/2021 at 9 P.M. ET on the Outdoor Channel

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On this episode of The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak we welcome Dr. Bronson Strickland, with the MSU Deer Lab and Professor of Wildlife Management at Mississippi State University, and discuss the importance of spring and summer food plots. Warm season food plots are often the missing link in a whitetail management program.

  • Dr. Strickland explains the science behind spring and summer food plots and answers the questions:
    • What do deer need this time of year and what we can do to support them?
    • The importance of clover and the advantages of planting it.
    • Strickland’s favorite plantings and why.
  • Follow along with GameKeeper Austin Delano as he explains clover maintenance and what can be done to get the most out of a perineal food plot.
    • Mowing Clover
      • When to mow clover

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      • Why mowing clover works
      • Tips on how to mow clover
    • Spraying Clover
      • Combating weeds
      • Types of herbicides to use
      • When to spray (time and weather conditions)
      • How often to spray

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  • Fertilizing Clover
    • Proper soil testing and understanding Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) needs for root establishment and persistent growth in clover.


  • The ideal times to plant clover

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  • Watch Austin Musselman’s success in the field as he harvests a beautiful velvet buck on his farm in Kentucky.


  • How using food plots, and specifically warm season plantings, to manage deer and habitat will take your deer herd to the next level
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