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Game Time: Spring Planting

By: Bobby Cole
Spring Planting

Spring Planting: It’s exciting to see that spring is finally becoming more of a planting season for deer hunters interested in taking care of their deer herd. I understand that in the north, often perennials and corn were planted during the spring, but I can remember back when we started BioLogic, the majority of folks just thought about planting good groceries during the fall. Sure, there were a few advanced guys that knew and understood the importance of summer nutrition, but today it’s a much more meaningful number.

Spring Planting

That’s the foundation of being a “gamekeeper,” “taking care of the wildlife on your property.”

Deer stress during certain periods of the year, late winter before the woods greens-up and late summer when most everything is dry and rank.

As gamekeepers we can prepare for these times and ensure that our deer have access to nutritional food plots, bolstered native foods, or even supplemental feed.

Some of the benefits of a spring planted plot are:

Moultrie Feed Hub
  1. Nutrition for growing antlers and pregnant does
  2. Training deer to continuously use a plot – similar to “imprinting waterfowl”
  3. Diverse forage offerings will attract/hold more deer to your area
  4. Certain crops can stabilize the soil or add nutrients back to the soil to enhance it
  5. It’s a great time to add lime and other soil amendments

It just makes sense and I am glad to see more gamekeepers interested in spring planting. I think if others would try it, they would see the light.

If you have any questions about what you should plant for various species, or questions about managing your wildlife, don’t hesitate to call our offices, Monday through Friday 8 am -5 pm CST.

Stay in the Game. Turn some dirt, get your hands dirty and grow something.

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