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Creating Whitetail Sanctuaries with the Drury’s | The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak (2021 season)

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper

The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak | Creating Whitetail Sanctuaries with the Drury’s

Premiering Tuesday 10/12/2021 at 9 P.M. ET on the Outdoor Channel

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On this episode we welcome the Drury Outdoors team and discuss their strategies on creating whitetail sanctuaries. Mark, Terry, Matt and Taylor share their knowledge on managing property with food plots, cover and low pressure to create some of the best hunting conditions around.

  • Creating Whitetail Sanctuaries with the Drury’s
    What does it take to establish a whitetail sanctuary on your property?

    • Understanding where whitetails bed on the property
    • Managing pressure
    • Food plot locations
    • Food plot architecture
    • Utilizing trail cameras
    • Understanding and distinguishing early season and late season locations
  • Success in the field
    With all the hard work and planning involved in creating whitetail sanctuaries there is no wonder that the Drury’s are successful at harvesting large whitetail bucks. While explaining the details of why specific locations can be successful and what they look for before they decide to hunt, the team takes us along on a couple of great hunts.

    Moultrie Feed Hub
    • Terry Drury connects with a very nice buck over a field of BioLogic.
    • Mark Drury harvest an unbelievable early season buck with his bow.
    • Taylor Drury explains why hunting and family means so much to her and how it brings everything full circle.
  • What We Learned
    • Combining low pressure with good cover if key
    • There is no specific formula. What you do is relevant to the track of land you’re on.

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Listen to Mark Drury explain more about how the Drury team consistently produce successful food plot on the GameKeeper Podcast episode 4

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