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Bottomland Timber Hunt Project | The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak (2021 season)

By: Mossy Oak GameKeeper

The GameKeepers of Mossy Oak | Bottomland Timber Hunt Project

Premiering Tuesday 7/27/2021 at 9 P.M. ET on the Outdoor Channel

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On this episode of the GameKeepers of Mossy Oak we welcome Spence Halford of Rolling Thunder Game Calls to discuss flooded timber. Why do ducks love it so much, and why is it important to them? Not only from a migration perspective but habitat and biological aspects as well.

  • Understanding Flooded Timber
    Spence explains why ducks love flooded timber so much, and why we as hunters do as well.

    • Why do ducks seek out flooded timber
    • What’s the allure of hunting flooded timber
    • The differences of hunting open areas vs. hunting flooded timber


  • Applying What We’ve Learned
    Toxey Haas, Founder of Mossy Oak, explains his passion for creating duck habitat, and what steps he takes to reach his goals of caring for the wildlife, spending time with family and friends, and being a gamekeeper.

    • Caring for the timber
    • Making sure everything is ideal for ducks
    • Steps taken when creating flooded timber areas


  • Success in the field
    Follow along with Spence in an exciting flooded timber hunt in the state of Arkansas. With ideal conditions and a little luck the ducks pile in and make for a memorable hunt.


  • What Did We Learn
    • Why ducks seek out timber
    • Desirable oaks trees for ducks
    • The best conditions to hunt
    • What to look for when searching for a good flooded timber duck hole
    • What can the average guy do to access duck hunting opportunities

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