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1 Simple Tip for Growing Bigger Bucks and Increasing Fawn Survival

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If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get some warm season annuals planted for your deer herd. Bucks are in the antler growing process as well as packing on weight as they mature. Having a high protein food source this time of year is just as important for your doe as well. They are carrying 1,2, or sometimes even 3 fawns and have a great need for good nutrition. Fawns that are born to a healthy doe that is in top condition have a greater chance of starting life off ahead of the average, this can mean bigger healthier bucks down the road. One of our favorite plantings for this time of year is BioMass All Legume. This nutrient rich blend is made of soybeans, iron clay peas, and lablab works well in most all climates and is extremely attractive to whitetail. Biomass Legume will provide high quality forage up until the first frost where it can be worked up and planted with a fast germinating blend for the fall like Green Patch Plus. If you are looking for a way to keep some deer in your favorite plot through the growing months, give BioMass Legume a try. If problematic grasses are common in your food plots, BioMass Legume can also be sprayed with the new Weed Reaper Grass Control.


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